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Mission Statement 

#WeAreViable is a movement created to bring together and unite all corners of the entertainment industry to help safeguard its future and deliver a safe return to normal.


Everything starts on a grass roots level, the #WeAreViable movement is driven by artists, entertainers, entrepreneurs, promoters, venues but most importantly the fans of culture and the people.....we need YOU to join us! 


The goal is to unite every single person across all forms of the Live entertainment industry, not only that we need all audiences of any type of live entertainment culture to work with us whether thats from the music industry, theatre, opera, performing arts, festivals, nightclubs, carnivals and everything in between. The current restraints on the arts affects all communities across the country regardless of race, religion, political views or sexual orientation.


If we do nothing we will all feel the impact, forever!


We will work with the government, local authorities and Public Health England to plan a route back to normality and importantly help find ways to safeguard and protect one of the oldest and most successful UK industries and one of the most important foundation of our countries culture. Where events & gigs can be safe they should be allowed to go ahead, where unviable there should be a clear roadmap forward, financial assistance and support should be readily available. 


The infrastructure of the whole business is being destroyed to the point it may never recover. Jobs and livelihoods are currently at threat and we stand to lose the very culture that built Great Britain. It is a proven fact that the arts provide a form of solace for those with mental health issues and challenges. Entertainment helps everyone get through their daily lives and must be protected. 

We will provide links and support to industry members across the board offering advice, assistance & links to information. In conjunction with that we will also provide practical solutions that the Entertainments audience can adopt to help support us in the reopening of venues and arts across the country.  

Beyond Covid we will work closely with all aspects of the arts and culture industries to ensure all aspects of the industry are viable in every respect.


We need to act now, before it is too late

#WeAreViable, this should never be questioned. 

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Our Culture is at Risk

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